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Living Pain-Free And Calm Summit

Starts Jan 15th - 28th 2024
Feature 20+ Health & Wellbeing Experts
 including Soul Empowerment Coach
and Stress Expert, Eileen Burns

Accredited Stress Management Practitioner Training
starts 15th January - April 2024

We are now accepting applications for non-students to our Accredited Stress Management Training,
previously this training was only open to students who has completed or were on our accredited relaxation training,
to find out more we have a living Q & A on Stress Management Training Mon 8th Jan 7pm UK Time

STOP Struggling, 
Stop Feeling Disempowered and Disconnected

Access deeper stillness,
stronger spiritual connection,
increased spiritual power and courage.
 with this self-study access to this previous 4 week program.

About Eileen Burns

Eileen is a highly experienced and qualified stress management coach, trainer, healer and therapist who has taught Stress Management for over 20 years.

She provides online accredited relaxation therapist and stress management 3training and marjeting courses for therapists, coaches and healers.

Her own journey and studies into healing and holistic wellbeing began 30 years ago whilst suffering from a wide range of chronic and rare medical challenges.

Which left her at times predominately housebound and bedbound a large part of her twenties.

This journey took her on her own spiritual and wellbeing journey, where she explored many apsects of healing, therapy, coaching, counselling, spiritual and self development with many highly gifted and skilled master healers, teachers and coaches around the world.
Learn more about Eileen's extensive qualifications and expertise CLICK HERE

Eileen Burns

Stress Management Trainer, Coach, Therapist & Healer
Owner of Stress Coach Training

Relaxation Therapy CPD Training For Therapists

Stress Management 101

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Professional Courses

Access to high quality, professional, in-depth courses with step-by-step instructions.  Highly effective tools and techniques used by professional psychotherapists, coaches, healers and therapists. Taught by highly qualified professionals with over 20  years studying  health, healing and holistic wellbeing.

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Access to our self-study sessions on any device, any time at your convenience. Resume exactly where you left off. No limits on the number of times you can view access and of our downloads or video lessons. We also offer different payment plans for our certificated training courses so you can spread out the cost.

Online Community

Our certificated training programs has its own Online Community where you can connect with students from around the world, just like you. We all  learn and grow in a supportive community. A place to  connect and nertowrk with other students and holistic business owners.