Introduction To NLP For Therapists, Coaches

Basic NLP For Anxiety and Stress Reduction

Move Your Clients From Chronic Anxiety To Calm And Confidence

 Learn  a simple and easy technique to move your clients move from a state of  chronic anxiety, stress or fear,  lacking in confidence into an increased state of calm, balance or empowerment

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 Understanding NLP

An introduction to the power and use of NLP in coaching, marketing and self-development. To help clients move from sabotaging thoughts and behaviours into more calm and confident thoughts and behaviours.

Learn A Highly Effective NLP Technique

that can help change your clients mind and mood

NLP For Anxiety and Stress Reduction 

Learn simple NLP approaches to move your clients from distorted sabotaging thoughts and behavious into more healthy thinking patterns and empowering actions.

Move Clients From Fear To Empowerment
Simple and Effective NLP Technique

This simple but highly effective NLP technique will help you and your clients
move from a emotion state of fear or overwhelm into a state of increased calm and confidence

Reduce Anxiety
Reduce Stress
Experience More Calm
Experience More Confidence
Experience More Self Empowerment

Course Summary

Learn basic NLP skills that can be used safely and effectively in therapy and coaching in this introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming

Course Curriculum

Eileen is a highly experienced and qualified stress management coach, trainer, healer and therapist who has taught Stress Management for over 20 years.

She provides online accredited relaxation therapist and stress management 3training and marjeting courses for therapists, coaches and healers.

Her own journey and studies into healing and holistic wellbeing began 30 years ago whilst suffering from a wide range of chronic and rare medical challenges.

Which left her at times predominately housebound and bedbound a large part of her twenties.

This journey took her on her own spiritual and wellbeing journey, where she explored many apsects of healing, therapy, coaching, counselling, spiritual and self development with many highly gifted and skilled master healers, teachers and coaches around the world.
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Eileen Burns

Stress Management Trainer, Coach, Therapist & Healer
Owner of Stress Coach Training

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