Colour Therapy In Creative Visualisation

How to use colour therapy in creative and guided visualisations to support healing and relaxation

Colour Therapy In Guided Visualisation 

for healers, therapists and coaches

Learn the powerful and effective way to use colour therapy and colour psychology through guided 
visualisations and guided meditations.

"Colour is a power which directly influences the soul"
Wassily Kadinsky

 The Healing Colour Spectrum 

An introduction to the different frequency, vibration and wavelength of different colours on the visible healing colour spectrums. Learn how some colours can harm or heal.

Learn How To Reduce Anxiety and Stress

with colour therapy and colour psychology;

The Power of Colour Psychogy

in healing, business and marketing

How colour psychology and colour therapy can influence business, marketing and healing.

Some of what you will learn

The Colour Spectrum

The visible colour spectrum range in- wavelength, frequency and energy ev

What is Colour Therapy?

Learn the different forms of colour therapy and colour healing .

What is Colour Psychology?

Learn the healing and harmful use of colour psychology

Colours For Healing

The healing properties of different colours and their associations with the bodies main chakras.

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