Ultimate Relaxation Therapy Training For Therapists

Teach Your Clients How To Switch OFF And Deeply Relax

20+ Relaxation Tools and 
Stress Busting Techniques 
for therapists and coaches who want to 
empower their clients to manage their own anxiety and stress,  sleep deeply,
feel more calm, confident and relaxed.


GIVE Your Clients What They
REALLY Need to manage their 
own Anxiety and Stress.

STOP feeling as if you are constantly treating
 your clients symptoms, 
putting a band aid over the BIGGER problems.

STOP encouraging unhealthy habits,
enabling and encouraging 
co-dependency issues.


START giving your clients 
the RIGHT  tools to 
manage their own anxiety and stress.

START helping your clients 
make empowering
transformational changes
 in their own life.

By TEACHING your clients how to
switch off and relax,
banish their stress-related insomnia

Manage their anxiety, stress, 
pain and tension,

Help your clients feel more calm,
confident and free.
Feel more happier and healthier
by teaching them the most safest and effective
relaxation, anxiety and stress-busting tools
suited to their unique needs.

With the expert guidance of Stress Management Expert,
Coach, Healer and Therapist Eileen Burns

About Eileen Burns
Eileen is a highly qualified, dedicated and experienced, Healer, Therapist, Coach & Meditation Trainer who has trained to University Level in Stress Management, CBT and Life Coaching.

She is passionate about helping healers, therapists and coaches step fully in their purpose and create a more soul-aligned business.

Who began her own healing and holistic journey 30 years ago seeking support for rare and complex chronic health challenges including medical injury.

She has been fortunate enough to have studied and worked with many amazing gifted and inspirational powerful healers, therapists and teachers around the world which have included Ed Strachar, Dr Karen Khan, Patricia Missakian, Carolyn Myss Institute.... For more information CLICK HERE

What you will learn 

This is just some of the main tools and techniques you will learn,
+ some bonus sessions from our previous accredited relaxation therapist training which is no longer available

Relaxation  Techniques
A range of highly effective muscle and relaxation techniques

Anxiety Management Tools
Learn professional
anxiety management approaches.

Stress Management Tools
Learn professional stress management strategies
and tools.

Guided Visualisation
Creative and
Guided Visualisation Techniques

Grounding Techniques
Earthing and grounding techniques

Simple and effective

Breathing Techniques
A variety of breathing techniques

Mind Techniques
Simple and effective
mind hacks including

Scanning Techniques
Body scanning and energy scanning techniques

Why Choose Our Program


Invest In Right Training For You and Your Clients

Today there is so many courses and training for you to choose from, 
it is important to choose training that is going to best align with your, 
your clients and students needs, that is why this training covers a wide range of tools 
and techniques to suit different clients unique needs and challenges.

You Want To Be Taught Professionally

It can be difficult to know what course or training is going to be not just safe and effective 
but taught by trainers that are highly qualified and experienced in that subject. 
You can be assured that Eileen the owner and main trainer of Stress Coach Training
 is highly qualified and highly experienced, check out the about details for more information.

  Accessibility and Affordability

 Although this is highly quality training based on tens of thousands of pounds worth of education and learning over 30 years.
Eileen likes to make hers course as accessible and affordable to as many people as she can. 
For that reason the course is at an amazing cost.

Happy Students

“Relaxation Therapist Training”

“I completed Eileen’s relaxation training a couple of years ago. I had prior experience but the courses and knowledge that Eileen offers put me at a different level. I learned a lot about different types of recipients too and how to adapt the sessions and techniques accordingly. Eileen’s teaching style is gentle, clear and supportive. I’d recommend to anyone for self practice or teaching"

 Victoria Dalgleish-Knight NHS Senior Complementary therapist

“I have loved every minute of the Relaxation Therapy Course. It's amazing value for money and is packed with lots of useful content. I love the way Eileen combines videos, mp3's, PDFs and Facebook lives to help students in their learning.

Eileen is passionate about what she does and is extremely supportive from start to finish. I'm so glad to be part of the Stress Coach Training community and am excited to continue my journey.

“I found the relaxation therapy courses
 I attended very informative”

Eileen is a highly qualified professional in her chosen field, but more importantly she is a very caring person who puts everyone at ease when they first meet her. I found the relaxation therapy courses I attended very informative and benefited from the small group setting which allowed Eileen to spend more time with each student. I learned a number of relaxation techniques which I now put into practice when working with my clients..”

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