Feel calmer and confident
with this fast and effective

5 Minute Meditation Tool


Fast and Effective Anxiety and Stress-Busting Tool

Anxiety and stress can impact all areas of our life,
the ability to relax and switch off is vital in counter acting the stress response

You maybe be experiencing any of these below:

You feel anxious or stressed all the time, your struggling to enjoy life

You find it difficult to switch off,  struggle to feel calm or relaxed

You wake up feeling exhausted, or  unrefreshed as if you haven't had a good quality sleep

You get overwhelmed, and emotional, easily frustrated or angry with yourself or othera? 

You've lost confidence ,  and focus, you just don't have the same clairity or concentration..

Life no longer seems exciting, you just don't have the same oomph or motivation?

When trying to reduce symptoms of  Chronic Anxiety And Stress
most people approach their issue from the wrong angle

Self soothe with unhealthy strategies- They unconsciously self soothe with unhealthy behaviours; comfort eating, alcohol, stimulants such as sugar, artificial sweeteners, coffee, drugs

Want someone to fix it for them- They look for someone else to fix the issue like a Dr or therapist, often end up on prescription medication or getting regular treatments like massage that is simply a temporary solution.

They struggle to take self-responsibility - They convince them self they don't have time to  help themselves,  they struggle to take self-responsibility so just keep busy until they burn out or break-down.

So desperate to save their mental health - They end up just trying the first anxiety and stress busting techniques, or meditation techniques without discovering if it's right for them.

Why Choose Our
5 Minute Meditation

This fast and effective Qi Gong Meditation is the most
popular meditation tool 
I have taught over 20 years as a
meditation teacher and stress management expert.

  • It takes less than 5 minutes
  • It is powerful way to reduce anxiety and stress levels
  • It helps balance your qi, balance the brain and main organs.
  • It can act as a substitute mini power nap
  • It can be used almost anytime, anywhere

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Fast and Effective Meditation Tool

so simple it is suitable for all ages and conditions

One of the few meditation techniques I recommend for trauma or severe depression sufferers

  •  Fast And Effective
  •  Lowers Anxiety Levels
  •  Lowers Stress Levels
  •  Lowers Heart Rate
  • Deepens Breath
  • Beginners to Adv Meditators
  • Suitable For All Ages ( Kids 4+)
  • Easy To Incorporate Into Daily Routine

5 Minute Meditation

Fast and effective less than 5 minute anxiety and stress busting meditation technique. Our most popular stress management tool in 20 years

Meditation changed my life

Hey, I'm Eileen

I was once like you suffering from chronic anxiety and stress, I also had severe burn out. I was only 21 with rare and chronic health challenges and  was diagnosed with m.e. which left me largely housbound and at times bedbund. needed to learn how to manage my own stress and anxiety.
So I started to study meditation, reiki and different forms of stress management, holistic therapies, coaching and counselling.
But it was meditation that made one of the biggest impacts in my life.

After  studying a wide range of meditation techniques and becoming a meditation teacher and stress management trainer I was looking for a simple meditation technique I could to teenagers with complex issues.

From here I adapted a Qi Gong Meditation into this 5 minute meditation that became my most popular not just meditation tool but anxiety and stress-busting tool.

 The meditation tool for those who struggle to meditate

The meditation tool for those who are too busy to meditate

 The meditation tool for all ages.  

So simple, so easy you can teach your child this meditation technique
or teach your grandmother to meditate.

Meditation doesn't have to be hard,  

Meditation doesn't have to be long,

Meditation doesn't have to be boring.  

One of the things I LOVE about this tool is that people start
 to feel the  CALMING benefits right away.  

This technique can be used on public transport,
in the office, at the dentist or doctor waiting room.  

This FEAR eliminating technique is SO Easy

This Anxiety Busting Tool is SO Fast
This Stress Management Tool is SO Simple  

Happy Customers

“This 5 Minute Meditation REALLY helped me find
calm and balance..." 

“This 5 Minute Meditation REALLY helped me find calm and balance in my day quickly and effectively. Highly recommended." Bobby Bashir Owner - Soul Food Kitchen Restaurant Owner Glasgow ."  

Bobby Bashir
Restaurant Owner - Soul Food Kitchen

“an amazing meditation, my clients and students love it”

“This is an amazing meditation, my clients and students love it, great for all ages,
fast and effective"”

Healer & Hypnotherapist The Change Catalyst

“this technique is so simple but highly effective”

This technique is so simple but highly effective to help combat  the effects of chronic stress. I have used this technique myself  when I worked in a high pressured job and I now teach  it to children during my mindfulness classes and the  class teachers have reported that children have been  calmer and more grounded after the sessions.  I would recommend it to anyone who has a stressful job  and who wants to achieve more calm on a daily basis.”

Kids Yoga Teacher & Artist - Heart Space Studio

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Eileen Burns

Eileen Burns, owner of Stress Coach Training and Spiritual Marketing Club is a stress management expert, coach, healer and therapist. Who has been providing anxiety and stress management solutions for over 20 years. Eileen began studying healing and holistic wellbeing over 30 years ago. She is highly qualified and experienced in a wide range of therapeutic and healing disciplines. She has studied Stress Management, Life Coaching, CBT Coaching, Psychology to University Level. Find more about Eileen's qualifications and experience CLICK HERE

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