What If You Could Feel More Calm And Relaxed?

Learn how to manage the stress of your health challenges with more confidence and strength

Stress Resilience For Chronic Health Sufferers

Learn simple effective stress management and relaxation tools to reduce stress, encourage deeper states of relaxation and improved wellbeing

Benefits of This Course

In this session you will learn

Learn How To Relax Deeply
Learn How To Meditate
Experience More Calm, Peace
Release Muscle Tension
Experience Deeper Quality Sleep
Live A More Healthy Holistic Life

Muscle Relaxation

5 Minute Meditation

Body Scan

Muscle Testing

Guided Meditations

Bonus Videos

Course Curriculum

Eileen Burns
Owner of Stress Coach Training & Spiritual Marketing Club
Eileen is a highly qualified and experienced, Healer,  Coach, Therapist

& Meditation Trainer who has trained to University Level in Stress Management, CBT and Life Coaching.

She began her own healing and holistic journey 30 years ago due to rare and complex chronic health challenges including medical  negligence. She and has studied and worked with some of the most amazing powerful spiritual healers and  teachers around the world which have included Ed Strachar, Dr Karen Khan, Patricia Missakian.

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