Coaches, Therapists What If You 
Could REALLY help you and your clients Let Go Of Stress?

Help your clients let go of chronic anxiety,
and fear, Help them feel more calm,
relaxed, confident and free. By helping them
reduce their stress, become more stress resilient.
While building a more healthy successful
 business that is stress-less and empowering.

Are You Ready To Take Your Career,
Your Business To That Next Level?

Maybe you WANT to make a really difference in your clients life.
Help your clients eliminate the chronic stress
and anxiety that is crippling their life,
their work and relationships.

Maybe you WANT to up level your business,
build a more healthy, less stress-less business
that stands out from the crowd.

Perhaps you could feel more calm, confident
in your own life, experience more peace,
 feel centred and grounded.


Chronic Stress is NOT something
you just live with

STOP Chronic Stress

Ready To Learn Highly Effective
Stress Management Tools and Techniques used by Experts?

Stress Management 101 Course For Coaches, Therapists

Stress Management Busting and Stress Resilience Techniques For Coaches, Therapists, Healers

STOP feeling overwhelmed

 STOP feeling exhausted and depleted
STOP struggling with anxiety and stress

YOU Can Become the 
Calm Confident Person you WANT to be

YOU Can Become the Successful Person

 you WANT to be

 Chronic Stress doesn't have to be a problem
 in your life anymore.

When you learn the RIGHT
Anxiety and Stress Management Solutions
used by Stress Experts around the world

Stress Management Course
What you will learn on this course

what is stress
chronic stress
stress management 101 webinar
stress management toolkit
stress and crisis
disempowerment to empowerment
stress management toolkit
stress and crisis
disempowerment to empowerment

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Benefits of this training

So why choose our stress management 101 training

Experience more calm and balance in your daily life

Improves physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

Improved sleep hygiene and sleep quality

Access to our Stress Management first aid tool kit 

Provided by stress management trainer of 20 years

Certificate of Completion

Course Curriculum

*Please note the Stress Management Toolkit Course  is part of our Certificated Relaxation Therapist Training.   

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Hi I am Eileen

As a highly experienced coach, therapist and healer who has been
studying holistic wellbeing and stress management since the early 90's.
I know how much STRESS is impacting your life, work and business.
As someone who has lived with rare and chronic health challenges since childhood.
I know how vital it is you learn how to become more resilient and let go of stress.

More about Eileen's Qualification and Experience: Click Here

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