Learn The 5 Pillars Of 
Health and Wellness 

The most important foundations of health and wellness, stress and disease that every healer,
coach and therapist should know.

Course Summary

In this webinar we explore more deeply the 5 pillars of holistic health and wellness





The main foundations of health and wellbeing that you should
really understand if you are a healer, therapist or coach.

The difference areas of life that play a huge part in balance, 
  harmony, di-sease and disease.


Course Curriculum

Eileen Burns
Owner of Stress Coach Training & Spiritual Marketing Club
Eileen is a highly qualified and experienced, Healer,  Coach, Therapist

& Meditation Trainer who has trained to University Level in Stress Management, CBT and Life Coaching.

She began her own journey into studying healing and holistic wellbeing 30 years ago. Seeking answers to rare and complex chronic health challenges which included from medical harm.

Having studied and worked with some of the most amazing  spiritual healers and  teachers in the uk ands around the world. And brings a wealth of knowledge, wide and varied perspective to many of the topics she teaches.

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