Healthy Work-Life Balance Skills Course For Coaches, Therapists

Stress, Health and Wellness coaching tools for Coaches, Therapists

Helping your clients achieve a more healthier work-life balance,
to reduce stress, anxiety, help improve their health and well being.

In this module we will look at a few coaching and stress analysis tools used to help assess and encourage a more healthier and balanced lifestyle.  

We all know how anxious, stress, overwhelmed and over busy  we and our clients are . But how do we and our clients make more healthy changes, changes they are more likely to stick to.  

In this short 4 - hour module we will explore a few coaching
and stress analysis tools used to help clients get more
clear and focused on their biggest lifestyle challenges and stressors.

 We will look at ways how to help inspire, motivate and
 support your clients to make not just changes
 but lifelong lifestyle changes,
that supports them live the more happier and healthier life they deserve.

Course Summary

Live Classes

 Tuesday 26th Oct 7-9 pm UK Time

Tuesday  2nd Nov 7-9 pm UK Time

Help your clients live a more healthy, less stressed, more balanced life with these simple yet effective health and stress coaching tools for coaches, therapists and organisations.

Course Curriculum

Eileen Burns

Eileen Burns, owner of Stress Coach Training and Spiritual Marketing Club is a stress management expert, coach, healer and therapist. Who has been providing anxiety and stress management solutions for over 20 years. Eileen began studying healing and holistic wellbeing over 30 years ago. She is highly qualified and experienced in a wide range of therapeutic and healing disciplines. She has studied Stress Management, Life Coaching, CBT Coaching, Psychology to University Level. Find more about Eileen's qualifications and experience CLICK HERE

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  • Full Access to 2 live sessions, downloads, and recordings of sessions. Course starts Tue 26th Oct 7-9pm UK Time

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