The Ultimate Relaxation Therapy Training For Therapists, Coaches

Would You Like To Make A Real Difference
 In Your Client's Life?

Become a Relaxation Therapist
and Relaxation Teacher

Take your business and career to a brand new level
learn powerful anxiety busting, stress management
 meditation and relaxation techniques. 

Do You Want To Make A REAL Difference?
Want To Make A REAL Change In People's Lives?

Maybe you recognise how badly stress and anxiety
is impacting you, your family and client's life?

Maybe you know that stress is the main contributor to disease
 and dis-ease in millions of people around the world?

Maybe you are ready to up-level your therapy career, 
empower your clients to help themselves?

Or perhaps you are ready to for a career change, 
a self-employed role where you get to choose your own hours 
and the clients you work with?

Anxiety and stress, can be exhausting and overwhelming.

Anxiety and stress, can be exhausting and overwhelming.

An in-ability to relax and switch off , can
impact your quality of sleep and stress resilience.

Can lead to lack of confidence and self-esteem.

Chronic Stress can play havoc with our physical health, hormonal system  immune system

Chronic Stress can lead to all sorts of mental health issues, including depression and suicidal thoughts.

Long-term Stress can lead to all sorts of  communication and relationship difficulties

Long-term Stress can seriously reduce college study and work performance.

 Imagine Making A Powerful Difference
In Thousands Of People's Lives

What you will learn in our online
Ultimate Relaxation Therapy Training Program:

This is just some of the main tools and techniques you will learn in the Relaxation Therapy & Relaxation Teacher Program

Relaxation  Techniques
Highly effective relaxation techniques used in relaxation therapy.

Stress Management Tools
Learn professional stress management strategies and tools.

Anxiety Management Tools
Learn professional
anxiety management approaches.

Meditation & Mindfulness
Traditional meditation
and mindfulness  

NLP & Guided Visualisation
NLP, Creative and
Guided Visualisation Techniques

Breathing Techniques
A wide range of breathing techniques for different

Why choosing our training program
You Want To Invest In Skills That People Will Invest In -
Today there is so many courses and training for you to choose from, it is important to choose training that covers the skills your clients and students need and will invest in, that is why this training not only covers relaxation therapy and stress management techniques but anxiety management, breathing techniques, guided visualisation, meditation, mindfulness, NLP...  

You Want To Be Taught Professionally -
It can be difficult to know what course or training is going to be not just safe, effective but highly professional and taught by trainers that are highly qualified and experienced in that subject. You can be assured that Eileen the owner and main trainer of Stress Coach Training is highly qualified and highly experienced, check out the about details for more information.

  Accessibility and Affordability -
 Although this is highly quality training based on tens of thousands of pounds worth of education and learning, we try to make this course as accessible and affordable to as many people as we can. For that reason the course can be taken through a 6 month or 9 month payment plan

Ultimate Relaxation Therapist Training For Therapists - 9 Month Payment Plan

The Ultimate Relaxation Therapy Training For Coaches, Healers, Therapists Who Want To Become A Relaxation Therapist or Relaxation Teacher

Ultimate Relaxation Therapy Training Program
with optional additional accreditation add on ( Certificate Relaxation Therapist & Teacher)

“This is truly the best course I have been on" 

“Highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to become a relaxation therapist...  ...The online platform is jam packed with information and each time I referred to the course, I would learn something new. The trainer, Eileen Burns is deeply knowledgeable and approachable. ... this is truly the best course I have been on."  

Tanya Peach - Relax Kids Coach

“I would recommend the course to any therapist
who works with stressed-out clients”

“I have really enjoyed the relaxation therapist training and have learnt a huge amount from it. The course has introduced me to all sorts of relaxation methods that I can now offer to my clients. It has really helped me think about how I can support them in making simple but effective changes to help them manage some of the everyday challenges that cause them stress. I would recommend the course to any therapist who works with stressed-out clients as it shows us there are loads of ways they (and we!) can build in quick but effective relaxation techniques into normal daily routines.”

ANNA STONE - Calme Therapies

“I found the relaxation therapy courses
 I attended very informative”

Eileen is a highly qualified professional in her chosen field, but more importantly she is a very caring person who puts everyone at ease when they first meet her. I found the relaxation therapy courses I attended very informative and benefited from the small group setting which allowed Eileen to spend more time with each student. I learned a number of relaxation techniques which I now put into practice when working with my clients..”

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  • 9-Month Payment Plan without accreditation cost
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    9-Month Payment Plan drip-fed content over the 9 months excludes £100 accreditation cost which can be added at a later date

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